A majority of Randall Park Mall, once an iconic shopping mecca in North Randall, is about to be demolished. The developer of the property, the Industrial Realty Group, confirmed the news to NewsChannel 5 Wednesday. “There is strong demand for industrial space, and the location of Randall Park Mall is good,” said Stuart Lichter, chairman […]

BAINBRIDGE TOWNSHIP, Ohio – Bainbridge Township resident Bob Watson walked along Geauga Lake Road, just north of the former amusement park with the same name. The view from his neighborhood is pleasant until he spots what remains of Geauga Lake over barbed-fire fences and overgrown weeds. Watson said he can only speculate why was the […]

SUMMIT COUNTY, OH (WOIO) – Aging homes – abandoned and falling apart – are crippling neighborhoods. It is a big problem in Northeast Ohio. Summit County just received a $7M state grant to tear down some of the crumbling homes. Some of that money will be put to good use in Barberton. The city’s housing stock has […]

NORTH RANDALL, OH – North Randall Police tell 19 Action News they are having a major problem with illegal dumping at Randall Park Mall. The mall has been closed for several years, and recently, people have been using it as an illegal dumping site. Police say junk including mattresses, kitchen appliances, car parts and more […]

More than two years after Cleveland authorities discovered a real House of Horrors, the home of Anthony Sowell will be torn down Tuesday. Demolition of the home at 12205 Imperial Ave. will begin at 7 a.m. The remains of 11 women were found in 2009. A spokeswoman for the city of Cleveland said that the […]

EAST CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – The city of East Cleveland cleared the way for some new development by bulldozing some old eyesores. The city will demo 24 apartment buildings and 31 single family homes, which are vacant and abandoned in order to create three redevelopment sites within the city for either new housing or small commercialmixed use development. A […]