If you watch Jeopardy on a regular basis, you know that they find contestants with knowledge on diverse categories. That wasn’t the case on Thursday when contestants couldn’t come up with a single question for the “football” answers. And the show had an epic, yet truthful, troll for the Cleveland Browns. “Fun fact: Our contestants answered as many […]

COLUMBUS – It’s F’s across the board for the Cleveland Metropolitan School District. The district received failing grades in each of the 16 categories on the Ohio Department of Education’s report cards out Thursday morning. Grades are awarded in a variety of what are dubbed “performance measures,”  including graduation rates, overall achievement, if the achievement gap […]

Madonna, in efforts to promote her 13th album, “Rebel Heart,” has taken to using images of black Civil Rights leaders and musicians and likened them to her album cover. In her cover, she has rope tied around her face, and she does the same thing in images of Nelson Mandela, Martin Luther King, Jr., and […]

  The picture could become one of the most classic viral selfies ever. Brian Genest, 17, was in the Tampa Bay area visiting from Maine when his family decided to go for a hike at John Chesnut Sr. Park in Palm Harbor. While they were walking up one of the bridged pathways, Brian spotted a […]

  A YouTube user named Jared Michael learned the hard way that sometimes selfies aren’t such a good idea. Michael said he tried to take a photo while a speeding train passed a “safe” distance behind him. “I guess I was still too close and got kicked in the head,” he said. “I messed up.” […]

What do you do when your municipality is holding arguably the most-hated and notorious killer on earth?  You grant him bail. That’s exactly what Judge Kenneth Lester did for George Zimmerman, the man who killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin. RELATED: NewsOne’s Trayvon Martin Coverage As a condition of his bail, Zimmerman is not allowed to have […]

A man named Jacob Waterdale proposed to his girlfriend live on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” Thursday, but, in an uncomfortable twist, the proposal was rejected. Between sobs, his girlfriend, Jodie, cried out “I can’t!” and “I’m sorry!” But Ellen’s reaction — awkward laughter — made viewers question whether or not the proposal was a prank. […]

Ok you parents out there, this is what happens when you let your kids watch TV unsupervised.  A mother videotaped her daughter grinding to Ciara’s “Ride.”

Two geniuses who were out looking for a car to steal picked the wrong location: a Gucci Mane video shoot.

A total of ten people now face charges in connection with a music video posted on YouTube last August. Take a look at the video that got these dudes locked up: Fountain Inn police say the video showed individuals handling guns in a public park within the city limits.”It just never ceases to amaze me […]