Five years have gone by, some 1,825 days, since the people of Flint, Mich., were doomed to a life with no clean water, with no clear end in sight. (Nestle just pledged to continue providing bottled water for the town at least through August of this year.) And it’s been more than 18 months since Hurricane […]

FLINT, MI (WJRT/Gray News) – A Flint couple went exploring in an old building over the weekend and made a bizarre discovery. The “urban explorers” went inside the old St. Agnes school on Sunday and found hundreds of water bottles, cases, and jugs. All of them unopened. Jimmy Cowell shared video of their findings. He and […]

President Donald Trump is aware of the attack, while the Michigan airport remains closed “until further notice.”   FLINT, Mich.– A police officer was stabbed in the back and neck Wednesday at an airport in Flint, Michigan, and the suspect is in custody and being questioned, according to authorities. The police officer, identified as Lt. […]

Either way, mocking anyone’s suffering isn’t funny.    After getting dragged for making an insensitive joke about the Flint water crisis, Steve Harvey is now trying to explain himself. In a recent interview with AJC Radio & TV Talk, the talk show host claims that he wasn’t joking about the entire town’s residents—he was just engaging in light-hearted “trash talk” […]

As the city continues to reel from its contaminated water supply, an official at the helm of the disaster faces charges.   Michigan health chief Nick Lyon has been charged with involuntary manslaughter for his involvement in the Flint water crisis, CBS reports. In charges read in court Wednesday morning, Lyon is accused of failing […]

Let’s file this under, “not surprised.”   Phil Stair, a White sales manager at Genesee County Land Bank in Flint, Michigan, resigned on June 5 just days after it was discovered he used the n-word to describe African-American members of the community. According to MLive, Michele M. Wildman, the bank’s executive director, accepted Stair’s letter of resignation. […]

Flint is a city located 70 miles north of Detroit and inhabits a little over 98,000 people, 41.2 percent of them living below the poverty line and a median household income of $24,862.00. 56.6 percent of Flint residents are African-American. While Flint was once a thriving automotive, industrial city, when GM began to downsize in the […]

Queen Latifah and Jill Scott are heading back to Lifetime to share the story of a movement.   Queen Latifah and Jill Scott are returning to Lifetime, this time for a movie about the Flint Water Crisis. The nation was deeply concerned about the crisis in Flint, Michigan, at the top of 2016 as we […]

The after-shock of releasing a bomb of this magnitude will reverberate further than a physical assessment after the dust settles.

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Several viewers took to social media to spew racist comments about her performance.

The Republican presidential candidate is racing to woo White moderates and Black voters in November’s general election. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump agreed to the Rev. Faith Green Timmons’ request to speak only about the water crisis and other challenges faced by the Black community during a visit at her church in Flint, Michigan. But […]

Residents of the Michigan city could be facing a sanitary crisis.   A city that has been overrun by water issues is now facing a potential sanitary crisis. CNN reports there will no longer be trash collection in Flint, Michigan, until further notice. In a statement, Mayer Karen Weaver said residents should not put their garbage […]