Gene Simmons was reported as saying that Prince’s death was “Pathetic” earlier this week and has been catching a lot of heat behind it in the media. Well his own family was upset about his comments as well, which prompted him to issue a public apology on social media. In a live interview not only […]

For whatever reason, people keep giving Gene Simmons, frontman of KISS and Arena Football co-owner, a forum to voice his inane ramblings. If you are looking to hear an obnoxious opinion on a topic, you can often look no further than Simmons to find 10. Newsweek prefaces their interview with Simmons by saying that he […]

Kiss singer Gene Simmons made headlines in March for his viewpoints on The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Gene expressed a dislike for the backroom politics associated with the selection process and believed entry into the prestigious club should be more selective. “Simmons, who as a member of Kiss’ original outfit was recently inducted […]

  Rock singer Gene Simmons is getting inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and he couldn’t be more upset about it. The lead singer of the legendary rock band KISS is angry at the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame for more than one reason and one of them has to do […]