The Baltimore Police Union is calling on state’s attorney Marilyn Mosby to throw out all charges against the officers involved in the Freddie Gray case. This comes after one of the six officers, Caesar Goodson Jr., was acquitted of all charges placed against him on Thursday. This is the second time that Mosby’s team has failed […]

News One Exclusives

Roland Martin took Fox News contributor Stacey Dash to task for her comments about BET and Black networks during Thursday’s edition of NewsOne Now. During an interview on Fox News, Dash said: “We have to make up our minds. Either we want to have segregation or integration. If we don’t want segregation, then we need […] Filmmaker George Lucas is ready to tie the knot. A representative for the “Star Wars” creator confirms Lucas is engaged to his longtime girlfriend Mellody Hobson. The couple has been dating for seven years. This will be the second marriage for the 68-year-old Lucas. He was previously married to Marcia Lucas from 1969 to […]

Red Tails came in second place at the box office this weekend earning $19.1 million. The film did better than expected, and many are saying that the public endorsement of Tyler Perry helped the George Lucas film soar. According to Entertainment Weekly the movie about the Tuskegee Airmen gained momentum in the week leading up to its release. Last week, in a letter to his fans, via his website, Tyler Perry urged moviegoers to support Red Tails:

It was do or die time for black movie lovers this weekend. #WeFight! #WeFight! #WeFight! If the film is #1 it’ll be a major victory not only for George Lucas but the Black community.

George Lucas Says All-Black Cast of “Red Tails” Scared Hollywood Away

Red Tails hasn’t hit theaters yet, but filmmaker George Lucas is already ready to turn it into a big-screen saga if the movie performs well in theaters.

If you hadn’t already come to the conclusion that Hollywood has had its good share of discriminatory moments, George Lucas might have just laid it out there for everyone in black and white. Actually, make that black and green–as in money.