Greg Leakes

Prayer warriors are being solicited as NeNe Leakes made an unofficial appearance at her club and made the announcement that her husband Greg Leakes is at home ‘transitioning to the other side’ after fighting colon cancer. 67 year old Greg Leakes who is just as much a staple on RHOA  as his wife was being […]

This past season of Real House Wives of Atlanta was a rocky one for Nene Leakes which probably stemmed from what she was going through at home, off camera with her husband Greg Leakes after he was diagnosed with cancer. But it seems as though after surgeries, a change in diet, other treatments and God, […]

“Real Housewives of Atlanta” star NeNe Leakes took to Instagram earlier this week to announce that she was canceling two of her live comedy shows in order to focus on her husband Gregg’s health. “Today marks the 15th day straight that Gregg has been in the hospital,” she said of her husband. “I find it very difficult to stand […]

Nene Leakes paid a visit to The View on this week to promote her latest Broadway role as Mama Morton in classic show Chicago, but things…

Apparently NeNe Leakes took the phrase “looking like a million bucks” a step further when she spent more than that on the wedding itself. “It…

NeNe Leakes may be creating her own version of a New Normal. The Real Housewives of Atlanta standout dropped hints about what at least sounded like an engagement on New Year’s Eve, tweeting a photo of herself and ex-husband Gregg Leakes in celebration mode, followed by several pics showing a romantic scene Gregg set for […]

 While folks have speculated that the divorce of NeNe and Greg Leakes was a “sham” storyline to boost “RHOA” ratings, it turns out that it was the real deal. Get the deets on their divorce inside… For years now, fans have thought NeNe Leakes was faking the funk about leaving Greg, but she did!  She […]

This season of “RHOA” hasn’t even aired yet, and the drama has already begun.  Yesterday I told you guys that NeNe and Dwight got into it at a hotel, well today I’m hearing that NeNe and her husband Greg are splistville!!!