Students at a middle school were bullying and sexually harassing a young lady, but when the young lady’s mama found out she decided to come to class and give students a presentation on how to catch a ‘Free Ass Whoopin’. Christian Tinsley of Orange County California came to class and stood in front of the […]

In the past year, CBS has seen its share of controversy after it was revealed that former CEO Les Moonves was enthralled in a sexual-misconduct investigation where numerous women accused him of explicit behavior. After Moonves stepped down, Whitney Davis, the former head of the network’s entertainment diversity and inclusion division, thought she would use […]

Former Vice President Joe Biden issued spoke out publicly, as more women came forward, claiming interactions with him made them uncomfortable. In his career, Biden says he’s always tried to make a human connection. “I shake hands. I hug people. I grab men and women by the shoulders and say, ‘You can do this,’” he […]

CBS has actually had history of firing employees who initiated sexual behavior and assault against others.   Details are currently sparse, but there’s reportedly a Ronan Farrow New Yorker piece coming on CBS chairman and CEO Leslie Moonves, one of the most powerful men in media, including allegations of sexual misconduct. The Hollywood Reporter scooped the New Yorker’s scoop: “Sources […]

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – The Cleveland Orchestra has suspended concertmaster and violinist William Preucil in the wake of sexual assault allegations. Violinist Zeneba Bowers was 26 when she says Preucil aggressively forced himself on her at a hotel room in 1998. She said she fought him off, and fled the room. The report surfaced in The […]

A woman in Arizona has been arrested and accused of stalking after reportedly sending 65,000 texts to a man to meet online, and for breaking into his home. Jacqueline Ades allegedly sent the text messages over the span of a several months, even sending him 500 texts a day, per court documents acquired by Phoenix affiliate ABC 15. The 31-year-old woman and […]

Cracker Barrel has a long history of racism against employees and customers.   The internet’s list of receipts about racism at Cracker Barrel just got longer. A Black man took his complaint about the restaurant to court after he was thrown out of a CB in Cross Lanes, West Virginia. The federal lawsuit named defamation, outrageous […]

On Tuesday, CBS News announced it had fired veteran broadcaster Charlie Rose following accusations of sexual misconduct from at least eight women. According to an internal memo sent to the New York Times, his employment with the major news agency has been “terminated … effective immediately”the day after a Washington Post report detailed the “unwanted sexual advances” allegedly made by the […]

Several women say Donald Trump lied during the second presidential debate when he said that he never groped women in the manner he described on a 2005 recording, according to reports published Wednesday by The New York Times, People and the Palm Beach Post. On the 2005 tape, Trump tells Access Hollywood host Billy Bush that when he sees […]

Marie Holmes, the North Carolina mom who won a $188 million Powerball lottery jackpot last year and has spent millions bailing her boyfriend out of jail, now has legal challenges of her own.

An old school trapper hat and an Eight Ball jacket, a style popular in the 90’s, was the fashion statement a man made that he had no clue would get him thrown in jail and create the latest internet sensation. The man was riding on a New York City subway train around 5 a.m. on […]

  Comedian Artie Lange is known for not only crossing the line, but denying that one ever existed in the first place. And he’s done it again. This time, it’s with ESPN “First Take” host Cari Champion. Lange took to Twitter to share his sexual fantasies that starred Champion and of course Lange’s fantasy involved […]