Ann Coulter (pictured) is the kind of person who makes you question your vow to never wish ill on on a person. I don’t especially care whether her schtick — which is essentially being as offensive as possible to the delight of crotchety racists in need of a wet dream — is genuine, but I […]

Instagram is not only the place for an abundance of selfies, thirst traps and boasting, apparently there’s a whole other dark side to the social media app that I never knew about. There’s a black market for drug dealing on Instagram and the powers that be are trying everything they can to shut it down. […]

CLEVELAND – It’s a tough time to be an Indians fan, so the Tribe faithful are finding new ways to maintain sanity and gain some sense of pleasure. The latest attempt has taken a somewhat dirty – but entertaining – turn. After the Indians’ 11th straight loss, #IndiansSexActs has popped up as a trending topic […]