Herman Cain

On CNN’s “The Situation Room,” Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain claimed that African American voters have been brainwashed into not being open minded about voting for the GOP. Limbaugh Says Herman Cain Would Be First Black President Due To Slavery Shocker! Herman Cain Upsets Frontrunners, Wins Florida Straw Poll Despite these claims, Cain says one […]

Republican activists want a candidate who is not just conservative on nearly every issue, but has been so his or her entire career. A good enough politician to debate and then defeat President Obama. Charismatic too. They’re still looking. The overwhelming victory by businessman and longshot candidate Herman Cain in a straw poll here Saturday […]

Followers of politics have come to know Herman Cain, the Republican presidential candidate. Now they can get to know Herman Cain, the recording artist. Maryland Pastor In Fight Against Congregation & Court To Control Flock His album, “Sunday Morning,” was recently released on the Internet, courtesy of Draft Cain, an independent group not affiliated with […]