At 8:30 p.m. on Monday, a car skidded on the wet road in front of Jamie Foxx‘s estate in Hidden Valley, California just outside of Los Angeles. The vehicle flipped over and caught on fire. Inside, the driver was still buckled into his seat. Cue the superhero music. Actor and now professional lifesaver, Jamie Foxx, sprung […]

NYPD officer Moira Smith was killed on September 11, 2001, after rushing into the World Trade Center’s South Tower. She posthumously received a Woman of the Year award from Glamour (she was the only female cop who died that horrible day), which her husband, James, mailed back to the magazine after the same designation was […]

  The social and cultural impact the late civil rights leader and human rights champion Malcolm X still maintains in today’s modern society is an amazing example of the his valuable existence. While the former Nation of Islam minister’s criminal past and fiery vocal assaults against the White power structure at large often defined him, […]

CLEVELAND – Cleveland’s own hero Charles Ramsey is being honored with a statue in his likeness in Kentucky and we’re now seeing what his bust will look like. The photo is sent from us by Matt Jones, who is covering the story in Stanville, Kentucky, where Ramsey is making an appearance at the law firm […]

It never fails, whenever a black man (from the hood no less) is labeled a hero, reporters do this thing where they try to find…

CLEVELAND – One of the people who helped rescue the three missing women who were held captive at a Cleveland house for years returns to work at a downtown restaurant Monday, and a special dish has been named in his honor. Hodge’s Cleveland, located on Euclid Avenue near the intersection of East 6th Street, posted […]

*He’s at it again. Last year, Newark Mayor Cory Booker saved a neighbor from a burning building. On Thursday, he rescued a pooch from likely freezing to death in the bitter cold. ABC 7 reporter Toni Yates saw two abandoned dogs on a Newark street as temperatures dipped into the teens. She tweeted about it, […]