Howard University

We are living in a new normal because of the COVID-19 pandemic that requires people to make sure they wash their hands for 20 seconds especially after touching a foreign handle, button, counter etc. etc., for people to wear masks out in public especially if they haven’t been vaccinated, wipe down areas with disinfectant wipes […]

Before Phylicia Rashad was a Dean of Students at The University of Howard she was Clair Huxtable and much like Clair Huxtable, Phylicia Rashad has no problem speaking her mind. So when she heard the news of Bill Cosby’s impending release the ‘A Fall From Grace’ star actress Phylicia Rashad was ecstatic and rejoiced via Twitter […]

T’ Challa is heading to the HBCU in May.   From the box-office shattering “Black Panther” to his recent hilarious SNL debut, it’s clear that 2018 is Chadwick Boseman’s year. And it’s only getting better. Howard University recently announced that the actor, who is also an alum, will be the commencement speaker for the Class of 2018. “I’m excited to return […]

An esteemed African-American chemist dies in a home fire. George Nauflett is credited with earning at least 26 patents.

Everything that P. Diddy does, he does big. While performing in Washington, DC on Thursday, the Bad Boy founder announced a pledge of $1 million to Howard University, the prestigious HBCU that he attended. The money is for the Sean Combs Scholarship Fund, which was designed to help to shape a new generation of HU students.  During the concert, […]

The Tony Awards set the bar for diversity on Sunday evening as several actors and actresses of color were recognized for their work; a major difference from the #OscarsSoWhite controversy that ensued earlier this year. For the first time in the ceremony’s history, four musical acting awards were nabbed by Black actors. Broadway hit show […]

A new study shows that house-sharing service Airbnb isn’t always accommodating for African-Americans. Research conducted by the Harvard Business School revealed that Airbnb hosts discriminate against people of color and those with ethnic names. HBS put together 6,400 fake Airbnb guest profiles, giving each profile a “White” or a “Black” name. The names were pulled from data […]


Already, copycat hate crimes are popping up at universities including Fordham, Bowie State and Howard after the University of Missouri's Black students rose up against racism on campus.

In mid-June when Rachel Dolezal was asked on camera, “Are you African-American?” she was left speechless, hesitant and caught off guard. After claiming to misunderstand…

Seniors gearing up for graduation at Howard University can breathe a little easier now; the Mecca is implementing a new practice that will surely lower some of those Sallie Mae student loans. Starting next year, the university will cover 50 percent of a student’s final semester if they graduate early or on time. Now there’s […]


  There have been some major shifts on the annual list of top HBCUs! U.S. News & World Report ran the numbers, and announced its…

Dr. George Carruthers overcame a devastating personal loss, moving away from home and struggling in high school to becoming one of the world’s most respected…