In various parts of America, you can find shops and boutiques that sell marijuana. It’s not uncommon to see them, especially in urban dwellings. However, there are still federal laws that prohibit the sell, possession, and use of marijuana, whether recreational or medicinal. Americans want to believe weed is legal, but it isn’t. Yet. With […]

Instagram is not only the place for an abundance of selfies, thirst traps and boasting, apparently there’s a whole other dark side to the social media app that I never knew about. There’s a black market for drug dealing on Instagram and the powers that be are trying everything they can to shut it down. […]

If you’re going to be a criminal, be a smart one. The man in this story should’ve taken heed to the aforementioned advice because he is currently in jail because of stupidity. A man called the police he had tried to sell drugs and was shorted, which caused to be arrested. Daniel P. Noehl, Sr. […]

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Rapper and actor 50-Cent faces arraignment on charges that he attacked his ex-girlfriend and trashed her condo. The hearing for the singer, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, was scheduled for Monday. If convicted, the “In Da Club” singer faces up to five years in jail and $46,000 in fines. The […]