When you walk by faith and not by sight, not many things get you down, because you know that no matter what when your prayers go up blessings rain down.  People that live by those principals spirit typically radiates their faithfulness which transitions into a happiness that becomes contagious and touches others, the others that […]

UPDATE 2/13 10:0O AM: Three Missouri Applebee’s workers who falsely accused two Black customers of stealing have been terminated according to a press release obtained by HelloBeautiful. “We recognize the hurt and pain caused by the recent incident at an Applebee’s restaurant in Independence, Mo. We very much regret this occurred and sincerely apologize to […]

Black women view themselves as especially self-confident and independent-minded-more so than Caucasian women. In a recent poll conducted by beauty mag Allure magazine, Black women rated themselves three times as likely as Caucasian women to rate themselves at the ‘hot’ end of the spectrum. Tell us something we don’t know! Black women have always viewed […]