Our 1st Lady who’s address may not be 1600 Pennsylvania Ave NW any longer still conducts herself as such as she continues to encourage and inspire women all over the world with her truths.  So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Michelle Obama was taped to star in a YouTube special to celebrate International Women’s […]

There are days I’d like to take off being a Black woman. It’s those days when I want to forget that I sometimes wake up and check my phone just to see what I need to be mad about that day. There are days when the steady flow of information about Black women – unattractive, […]

Sunday, March 8 was International Women’s Day and while many gathered to march for the rights of women, the movement made its way to social media, sparking the hashtag #NotThere– a symbolic act to show that while much progress has been made in the fight for women’s rights, “we’re NOT THERE” — at least, not […]