The pilot is hoping the note, in which she posted on social media, will not stop women from wanting to become pilots themselves, but to also encourage them even more.   VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA (CTV/CNN) – When you fly Canada’s major airlines – the voice from the cockpit is usually male. “Almost every day […]

MIAMI — A Florida teenager’s Facebook post has cost her father an $80,000 legal settlement. The Miami Herald reports that father had sued Miami’s Gulliver Preparatory School for age discrimination after he lost his job as headmaster. The school agreed to settle the case with Patrick Snay for $80,000. The agreement included a stipulation that […]

There is now scientific evidence that Internet trolls are indeed just as mean in their private lives as they are in their digital ones, and it appears the driving force behind their trolling is good old-fashion sadism. The research comes from a team out of Canada from multiple universities who put their findings rather bluntly. […]

  The popular social media website, launched by Mark Zuckerberg on February 4, 2004, is currently visited by 6 out of 10 users.   (CNN) – Facebook, the social network co-founded by Mark Zuckerberg in a Harvard dorm room, turns 10 Tuesday. Facebook has 1.2 billion users. The site has given new meaning to words, […]

Twitter is looking for ways to make a big buck off of its racially-diverse user base. According to reports, the social network recently hired a marketing guru to study its demographics, including the online cultural and entertainment force we know as Black Twitter. Marketing veteran Nuria Santamaria, who joined the Twitter family as a multicultural […]

  Despite the Tuesday deadline, users can still register anytime between now and the end of March.   (HEALTHCARE.GOV/CNN) – The enrollment deadline for coverage starting January 1 has been extended until Tuesday. Monday was the last day to sign up for coverage. Those who want their coverage to start New Year’s Day will also […]

  *USA Today is under fire for a headline that accompanied its story about the box office numbers for “The Best Man Holiday” in comparison to Disney’s “Thor: The Dark World.” “Holiday Nearly Beat Thor as Race-Themed Films Soar,” the paper wrote in its box office report, prompting many to voice their objections across social […]

  Acclaimed film director Spike Lee was just hit with a serious lawsuit by an elderly couple, The McClains, from Florida. The couple is suing Spiker Lee for acting on blind rage when he first heard about the Trayvon Martin shooting. According to a new lawsuit, Lee put the McClains’ lives in danger when he […]

  Wow! You just can not make this stuff up! So apparently an alleged former girlfriend of ‘Preachers of L.A.’ cast member Pastor Deitrick Haddon is all in…

  The iconic singer also mentions she’s a gay man inside.   Madonna stopped by Reddit Monday for her own version of the site’s “Ask Me Anything,” dubbed “Ask Madonna Almost Anything.” The Queen of Pop kept things interesting by talking about equal rights, Frank Ocean and whether she’d be a top or a bottom. […]

  Stacey Dash is at it again, ladies and gentlemen. The Clueless actress — who’s never been shy to voice her political opinions — is going after Oprah now. According to reports, the 46-year-old took to Twitter to slam the media mogul for comparing Trayvon Martin to Emmett Till and stating that President Obama “shouldn’t […]

  *An Internet backlash followed actress Raven-Symone’s coming out earlier this month, as Twitter users responded with 140-character claims that the news has ruined their childhood. The hashtag #childhoodruined sprung up on tweets spreading the news, insinuating that the realization of the star’s sexuality somehow destroys the impact of her hit Disney Channel show “That’s […]