NEW YORK – Apparently, it needs to be said: Don’t wash or reuse condoms. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued a warning and reminded sexually active individuals to use a new condom for each sex act. “We say it because people do it,” the CDC tweeted. The advice was issued as the number of sexually […]

INDEPENDENCE, Ohio– LeBron James spoke to reporters shortly after news broke that Cavaliers head coach Tyronn Lue is stepping away to deal with an illness. On Monday, Lue announced he’s been dealing with chest pains, loss of sleep and other symptoms. Despite tons of medical tests, there hasn’t been a diagnosis. “I think it’s probably well overdue. You know, […]

Protests erupted at Oklahoma State University Monday after another student posed in blackface and posted the image to social media. It was the second time in a week that white students posed in blackface on social media. The first incident took place on Martin Luther King day. Last week, student Kandice Burgess apologized for posting a […]

On Thursday (June 2), news surfaced that boxing icon Muhammad Ali experienced respiratory difficulties and was rushed to a hospital, the Associated Press reports. The 74-year-old is reportedly expected to stay in the hospital for a short amount of time, and is in “fair condition” the site states. It’s unclear as to what time or […]

BROOKLYN, Ohio– Swedish furniture chain IKEA is not moving forward with a Cleveland-area store. Spokesman Joseph Roth said IKEA was evaluating land for a possible store in Brooklyn. But the Army Corp of Engineers informed the retailer they could not build there, Roth said. The corp cited environmental issues. “We recognize the customer base that exists […]

On Friday, Senator and presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders, stopped by the Patrick Henry High School gym in Minneapolis, MN to speak at the “A Community Forum on Black America” panel. Invited by Neighborhoods Organizing for Change (NOC), Sanders was introduced by Congressman Keith Ellison, one of the two House of Representative members to endorse him. […]

Ahmed Mohamed accepted President Obama’s invitation to the White House this week, but Sarah Palin’s daughter thinks the proposal shouldn’t have been given at all. After the 14-year-old’s homemade clock was mistaken for a bomb, Mohamed was arrested and suspended from his Irving, Texas high school for three days. His story received massive social media attention, the […]

During a wide-ranging and candid discussion with the Daily Telegraph about the state of the nation’s race relations, author Toni Morrison says America’s issues will not be resolved until justice is meted out equally in the criminal justice system, according to the Raw Story. Further, the Nobel Prize-winning author says unarmed Blacks are not the ones […]

CLEVELAND – The mother of a Florida teen, whose death sparked a national debate, said here in Cleveland that more needs to be done to improve relations between police departments and the communities they serve. Sybrina Fulton spoke at the Cleveland Public Library. Back in 2012, her family was tragically thrust into the spotlight when […]

  When it comes to issues concerning race in America, the country isn’t only divided racially, but politically as well. A new poll released by Washington Post-ABC News illustrated how divided the nation is when it comes to race, the criminal justice system and police brutality. According to the report only 1 in 10 African […]

  It’s up to the voters now in Ohio and several other states across America. Today is Election Day, which means a big day for the U.S. Senate and the next governor of the Buckeye State. Republicans already control the House. With a few wins today they could control the Senate too. Most races are […]

  CLEVELAND – Dan Green has lived on Cleveland’s west side for more than 14 years, but he claims one street in his neighborhood is so neglected it must not be on city maps or GPS. Green lives on W. 146th Street, right next to Justin Avenue, off of West 150 Street. Green and other residents […]