Dennis Rodman has plenty of stories to tell and his latest tale is one for the books. The cross-dressing NBA Hall of Famer sat down with VICELAND to share not one, not two but three different instances of a time where he literally broke his d*ck off in somebody. The first time happened from really, […]

  “You know, for the rest of your life and my life our names will become inseparable” – Michael Jackson to Conrad Murray ‘I asked him, “Michael, what do you mean?” and he smiled and said, “I am clairvoyant.” ’ *Conrad Murray knows he has nothing more to lose. Well, not counting his life if some […]

  CLEVELAND – As you head to the malls to do your holiday shopping, be careful. There’s a lot of damage to be done, and not just to your wallet. Consumer Reports tells us about the dangerous temptations lurking in the food court. Take a Cinnabon Classic. It’s loaded with 880 calories-that’s roughly half of […]

Susanne Eman will do whatever it takes to become the world’s largest woman. Even if that means eating over 20,000 calories per day. The 32-year-old Arizona mother of two plans on reaching her 1,600+ pound goal by the time she’s 41 or 42, according to the Sun. Despite her enormous intake, her two sons apparently […]

TheGrio and NewsOne have teamed up to launch a new multimedia series called THE BIG ISSUE. Our first installment is this special report, “Addicted To Food.” On TheGrio: The Big Issue: Blacks Aren’t Immune To Food Addiction (hosted by Mara Sciavocampo] [VIDEO] The Urban Fresh Food Fight Goes National Map: Obesity by state vs fast […]

“The Big Issue: Addicted to Food” is the first in a new series on TheGrio, taking an in-depth look at issues affecting the African American community. This particular story takes a fresh look at the rates of obesity and weight-related health problems in the black community by focusing on food addiction. New science suggests that […]