Kanye West And Abortion: Are Babies Really The New Bargaining Chip? By Mason Jamal on Feb 25th 2011 1:30PM Filed under: Mason Says Comments (2) Email This Jesus walks. Kanye talks. Everyone has a thing. A cross to bear, some tweets to share. Something. One must know his or her role and play it like […]

Ex-Prez Bush: Kanye Calling Me a Racist Was My Worst Moment By Kevin Eason on Nov 3rd 2010 4:16PM Filed under: News, Politics, Race and Civil Rights Comments (12) Email This The “decider” was actually the “dissenter” when it came to the war in Iraq. In his first one-on-one interview since leaving office, former President […]

Kanye West Speaks On Ties To Illuminati 10/26/2010 1:25PM by Kevin Eason  Kanye West is having a devil of a time convincing critics that he’s not a Satan worshiper. The hip-hop star took to Twitter yesterday to deny claims that his new short film “Runaway” contains references to the occult and the Illuminati, a […]

 With Purported Album Banning, Is Kanye West Staging A Publicity Stunt? 10/22/2010 9:09AM by Brennan Williams Earlier this week BV Newswire reported on Kanye West’s new controversial album cover, ‘My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.’ Since the ‘Power’ rapper posted the artwork via Twitter and denounced retailers for its ban in the US, many have […]