AKRON, OH (WOIO) – A 48-year-old Akron man on trial for murdering his mother has been found not guilty by reason of insanity. Attorneys for Derrick Williams said when he heard his hometown mentioned on “Wheel of Fortune” he believed that was a message from Pat Sajak telling him to kill his mother. Akron man arrested […]

The killer allegedly spewed hateful remarks about Muslims prior to the incident.   An Oregon man is in police custody following a stabbing incident on a light-rail train that claimed the lives of two people and left one injured, reports ABC News. From ABC News: Jeremy Joseph Christian of North Portland is being held without […]

President Obama condemned the brutal massacre in Orlando, stressing that the act of terror on a LGBT club was “an especially heartbreaking day for our fellow Americans who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender.”   On Sunday, President Barack Obama addressed the horrific mass shooting at an LGBT nightclub in Orlando, Florida, saying, “This was […]

The highest bid that appears to be authentic is for $290,000 by an individual identified as Ali Safaoui.   After the auction to buy George Zimmerman’s Kel-Tec 9mm pistol was scrapped twice and condemned by politicians and pundits, the weapon reappeared on the United Gun Group website Friday with biddings up to $65 million. It’s unclear if all […]

PIKE COUNTY, OH (FOX19) – The coroner released autopsy results for the eight Rhoden family members Tuesday as investigators continue to comb through hundreds of tips in connection with the execution-style killings. Most of the victims sustained multiple gunshot wounds, according to the preliminary autopsy performed by the Hamilton County Coroner’s Office. One victim was shot […]

UPDATED: Friday, November 20, 2015 11:56 AM EST: A counterassault on the hotel attacked in Bamako, Mali has resulted in the release of over 100 hostages held by forces who stormed the Radisson Blu Hotel early Friday morning. Ten bodies were found in the hotel, CNN reports. The attackers, as of Friday afternoon, are said to still be […]

The Georgia parents who say their sons attempted to kill them two weeks ago are now standing by the boys who allegedly drugged and attacked their own mother and father. Yvonne and Zachery Ervin were stabbed and brutally beaten in their Atlanta home on Sept. 5. The boys — Christopher, 22 and Cameron, 17 — […]

On this week’s episode of Scandal, art imitated life as Olivia Pope and her team found themselves in the middle of Rosemead—just blocks away from the White House, where an African-American teenager, Brandon Parker was gunned down by a police officer. The storyline closely mirrored the real life murder of Ferguson, Mo. teen Michael Brown, who […]

Over the weekend, an alleged 10-year-old Nigerian girl detonated explosives that were strapped to her body in a crowded market in Maiduguri, Nigeria. The explosives…

  In the wake of several killings of young black men at the hands of police officers, NewsOne hit the streets to talk to everyday people about their thoughts on the police and incidents of police brutality. Watch what they had to say.   SOURCE: NewsOne.com Article, Picture and Video Courtesy of News One

  CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – The city of Cleveland has settled a lawsuit with the families of Malissa Williams and Timothy Russell. U.S. District Court Judge Polster’s chambers confirmed that an agreement was reached Monday, July 14, 2014, and the documents were filed Wednesday afternoon. The terms of the settlement have not been revealed. CLICK […]

The recent spree is the latest example of how men and women are told differently on how sex is taught and how relationships are viewed. Editor’s note: Emily Lindin is a graduate student at University of California, Santa Barbara, and the founder of The UnSlut Project, which works against sexual bullying and “slut shaming.” She […]