It allegedly happened over one man cutting another man’s grass.   CLEVELAND — A man was shot on the city’s east side Tuesday after he allegedly cut another man’s lawn. It happened in the 19300 block of Muskoka Avenue, where a homeowner reportedly shot a landscaper for cutting grass on his property. The suspect was […]

FAIRPORT HARBOR, Ohio — A man who mowed obscenities into a high school lawnback in June will  carry out his sentence today: mowing the same grass with a manual mower. Cody T. Scott, 19, of Fairport Harbor, and a group of friends went to Fairport Harding High School, took a lawnmower and mowed obscenities into the […]

A possible reason for the sinkhole is linked to a “leaky water pipe.”  Meanwhile, Twitter users are having a field day with the lawn mishap through jokes, gifs, and memes.   WASHINGTON– A sinkhole has appeared steps from the entrance to the White House briefing room. Eyewitnesses first saw the sinkhole on the grassy North […]

KFC is planning to offer a free fried chicken picnic to the Georgia family that unexpectedly found a giant KFC bucket on their front lawn, a spokesperson from the company told The Huffington Post on Monday. The news comes a few days after Waynesboro, Ga. resident Aleena Headrick discovered the KFC bucket, which mysteriously appeared […]