You may not have even known it had a name… revenge porn Not until you saw it plastered all over social media, when Rob Kardashian started bashing his former fiancée Blac Chyna and shared explicit photos of her on Instagram. Pictures so explicit we can’t even show you. 38 states, along with Washington D.C., have revenge porn laws. But Ohio isn’t one of them. […]

McCorvey, who went public with her experiences in the 1980’s, later converted to Christianity in the 1990’s and had regretted her role in the ruling.   KATY, TEXAS – Norma McCorvey, known as “Jane Roe,” the anonymous plaintiff in Roe v. Wade, the US Supreme Court case that established a constitutional right to abortion, has […]

CLEVELAND – The law forbidding Cleveland tobacco sales to people younger than 21 years old goes into effect on Thursday. In December 2015, Cleveland City Council passed a measure prohibiting the selling, giving or distribution of cigarettes and other tobacco products to anyone who is younger than 21 . Prior to the law, the legal […]

The stoner holiday – April 20 – is here and more and more states are taking the steps to make marijuana legal. In past years, its…

  CLEVELAND — Mayor Frank Jackson is proposing a makeover of all city gun laws. The ultimate goal is to keep more guns out of the hands of young people and criminals and reduce street violence. Jackson rarely comes before city council to make his case for legislation. On Wednesday, Jackson told Council’s Safety Committee […]

  Women in Louisiana may lose access to abortion services if the state passes a new law enacting a secretive overhaul of its clinic regulations.   According to DC bureau reporter Zoë Carpenter, “The requirements are so stringent that not one of the five clinics currently operating in Louisiana would meet them, according to a […]

  *U.S. Rep. John Lewis was arrested Tuesday in front of the Capitol during a protest advocating reform of the nation’s immigration laws. The Atlanta Democrat was one of several members of Congress arrested along with other protesters at the culmination of a march up the National Mall, as they locked arms and refused to […]

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – Are Cleveland’s new trash laws set up to actually keep a lid on the garbage or are they simply a revenue generator set up to target landlords? The city’s new trash laws require residents to put their cans out no earlier than noon the day before trash day and bring them back […]