Luv Coach Q&A: Workplace Romance By Rebecca Brody on Dec 24th 2010 9:00AM Filed under: Dating, Relationships, Luv Coach Comments (17) Email This I met a great guy at work that’s very funny, well-liked and respected. We hit it off the instant we met. We work in different divisions, but I see him at meetings […]

 Cheating with the Pastor! By Rebecca Brody on Dec 10th 2010 4:00PM Filed under: Luv Coach Comments (22) Email This 22 years ago my first love proposed to me, but he was in the military and hard to contact. He went on with his life because he had accepted his call as a man of […]

Luv Coach Q&A: Leave the Past Behind By Rebecca Brody       Is it okay to get in touch with and communicate with (via Facebook, text or phone) an old college love (it’s been over 25 years) and not share it with your spouse? What signal does this send to both the spouse and […]