Megyn Kelly

We all knew this day would come: the day Megyn Kelly was officially out at NBC. The former Fox News anchor — who tried, and failed, to pass as a regular, normal, non-repugnant journalist — reached her final exit agreement with her employers, who were nonplussed back in October when she defended blackface on live television. Now […]

It was clear that MSNBC was trying to poach some of the conservative audience when they made the decision to let Megyn Kelly host the “Today” show, at the expense of Tamron Hall and Al Roker, who hosted “Today’s Take,” before Kelly came to the network. Honestly, from the moment she was installed, she has […]

The host’s racist roots don’t want her. Megyn Kelly is out at NBC and the obvious thought was that she would return to her racist roots at Fox News. Not exactly. See Also: Bring It Home! Best Damn Reactions To Andrew Gillum Destroying Ron DeSantis In Florida Debate According to the Daily Beast, Fox News has been […]

As the old saying goes, he who laughs last, laughs last. That would be the case of NBC’s Al Roker who will be back in the anchor chair in the 9am hour of the “Today” show. This, after he was replaced by Megyn Kelly. Unfortunately Roker won’t have his former comrade, Tamron Hall, re-join him as she […]

Megyn Kelly’s much hyped turn at NBC News was worth a cumulative $69 million, but the good times are coming to an end for the former Fox News host. Following lackluster ratings for her TODAY hour and a week full of backlash over her Halloween-related blackface remarks, NBC confirmed on Thursday evening that talks had begun regarding Kelly’s impending exit from the network. On Friday […]

Less than two years ago, Megyn Kelly jumped ship from Fox News to NBC in a triple-role, multi-year deal worth $69 million, but the honeymoon period didn’t last long. Kelly’s Sunday night news magazine quickly deflated and devolved into a battle between herself and InfoWars Alex Jones, perhap as a signal that she couldn’t leave controversy behind. This week, […]

Roker has been with NBC since 1978. Al Roker is a legend at NBC and has been with the network since 1978. He has seen them come and go, and we all can’t wait for the moment when Megyn Kelly joins those who have left. Fortunately, Roker had some choice words for  the overpaid television host who sees […]

Oh Halloween. A fun holiday where you’re usually allowed to creatively express yourself without any restrictions. Except of course if you want to dress up as a Black entertainer, or historical figure. On Tuesday, NBC News host Megyn Kelly held a roundtable discussion where she literally seemed shocked that a university put a mandate on […]

It’s been a bumpy couple of weeks for Megyn Kelly in her newest role as a morning TV host on NBC’s Today. During her first episode, she asked a homosexual fan of Will and Grace if he became gay because of the show, and during a discussion about gun violence, she awkwardly cut off Tom Brokawwhile he was speaking out […]

Let the comeback begin. Tamron Hall is teaming with Weinstein Television to launch her own daytime talk show, and its timeslot may put her in direct competition with the woman who bumped her from the 9 a.m. hour at NBC. Megyn Kelly, the former Fox News anchor whose high profile addition to NBC prompted Hall’s exit […]

Donald Trump took to Twitter this morning to complain about fake news, but it’s doubtful he had Alex Jones in mind while he was penning his mini-missives. Elsewhere on Twitter, however, there was an uproar over Megyn Kelly’s interview with the peddler of bizarre conspiracy theories, from Pizzagate to the idea that the 2012 Sandy […]

It’s official. Tamron Hall is leaving NBC News and MSNBC when her contract expires at the end of the month. According to TV Newser, Hall anchored her shows as usual yesterday, but gave no indication that those were her last appearances. “The last ten years have been beyond anything I could have imagined, and I’m […]