How do you think peace is accomplished?  Answer: Through War. That’s the question that Kobe Bryant asked Ex-NBA star Ron Artest, who had changed his name to Metta World Peace, when Artest said “I don’t know” Bryant laughed and said “win the war and then you will have peace”.   Metta World Peace was at […]

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The NBA labor dispute is slowly, yet surely, amputating the 2011-12 basketball schedule of games. After the player’s union rejected the latest proposal offered by Commissioner David Stern and NBA owners earlier this week, all involved are left wondering what happens next. There is no end in sight. Games are cancelled through mid-December, and the […]

He joked about pulling an “R. Kelly” on a fan … his crush on Celine Dion … and that he must have been “on crack” when he changed his name … and that’s why Ron Artest’s comedy show was magical. Ron Ar….I Mean Metta World Peace (Ron Artest) is a comedian now! Do you think […]

Ron Artest aka Metta World Peace is defending his wife Kimsha after she allegedly put Shaunie O’Neal on blast via Facebook yesterday. Metta World Peace (I can’t!!)took to his Twitter page to shut down any rumors it may have started or bad blood it might’ve shed (and trust, it did,because Evelyn went in, but I’ll […]