Black-Owned hair care company Shea Moisture has issued an apology for using a white woman in an ad, saying: “We Really F-ed This One Up.” Black women are criticizing Shea Moisture’s new ad, and many are comparing it to Pepsi’s gaffe with Kendall Jenner. In the new promotional ad (above), Shea Moisture is catching flack […]

Some praised the "Girl On Fire" singer for confidently rocking her au naturel look, while others had a lot of criticism for her choice.

60 plus and Flawless is the word for Ms. Tina Knowles. Beyonce’s mom woke up likes this….. borrowing Beyonce’s “Flawless” lyrics for her instagram post!…

One young lady has inspired girls to love themselves and their hair with her award-winning comic book,BuzzFeed reports. Troubled by her natural tresses and skin tone, 7-year-old Natalie McGriff and her mother Angie Nixon from Jacksonville, Fla., came up with the idea of the comic, The Adventures of Moxie Girl. The main character, Moxie Girl, uses a special […]

Brooklyn Flavors: We’ve bottled some Brooklyn historical neighborhoods and streets with a scent of their own. From the art, to the books, music, to underneath…

  Last night’s episode was arguably the most jaw-dropping yet as Professor Annalise Keating, her staff and law school students juggled getting one client off for insider trading, another out of jail after she had already confessed to murder–all while we flashed back to try to piece together what’s going to happen with yet another dead body. […]


Ten years ago, a bad relaxer led a teen girl to launch her own natural hair product company. Jasmine Lawrence appeared on “The Oprah Show” back…

  LORAIN COUNTY, OH (WOIO) – Less than 20 customers impacted by the recent natural gas outage in the Elyria – North Ridgeville area are still without service as Thursday. The locations still without service include vacant premises and those currently for sale or rent. Columbia Gas is continuing its efforts to establish contact with […]

  LORAIN COUNTY, OH (WOIO) – Columbia Gas crews are nearly finished with shutting off all the gas lines to homes that lost natural gas on Monday night. Approximately 2,200 customers are affected in Elyria, Eaton Township and North Ridgeville. Once all the meters have been shut down, the entire system will have to be purged, […]

  Well, it seems that Sheryl Underwood‘s comments about black hair being essentially worthless has pissed off Najee Ali, along with other black activists, and you know what that means. Ali, the director of Project Islamic Hope and a coalition of civil rights and community organizations are calling for an immediate public apology from comedienne […]

  *In the clip above from her CBS show “The Talk,” Sheryl Underwood spoke out about “nappy” “Afro” hair during a discussion about Heidi Klum saving her children’s hair after it had been cut. Klum’s children with ex-husband Seal have “huge Afros,” as she described them. Underwood responded, “Why would you save Afro hair?” She […]

FAIRVIEW PARK, OH (WOIO) – – A grand opening Wednesday for a new healthy supermarket. Earth Fare is located in Westgate, and will offer a wide variety of local, organic and healthy foods. The market prohibits items with high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated oils (trans-fats), as well as artificial preservatives, sweeteners, flavors […]