Democrats appear too weak to stop the Republican roll. Alarming recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions, pushed through by the court’s conservative majority, have many folks on edge about the future of civil rights in the United States. The latest instance of that truth came Tuesday in a 5-4 ruling that saw justices uphold President Donald Trump’s immigration travel […]

The GOP flexed its political muscle to block Obama’s nominee and place Judge Neil Gorsuch on the high court.   Adivided Senate confirmed Judge Neil Gorsuch on Friday to fill a long-vacant seat on the U.S. Supreme Court. Three moderate Democrats joined the Senate’s Republicans in the divisive 54-45 vote. The Democrats who crossed party […]

Republicans are in talks to reinterpret a long-standing Senate rule to advance the Supreme Court nominee’s confirmation.   The Senate Judiciary Committee voted along party lines 11-9 Monday to advance SCOTUS nominee Neil Gorsuch to a full senate vote, which is expected to occur Friday. However, Senate Democrats are using every tactic they have to […]

Gwen Carr and Ashley Sharpton were among 11 people taken in by handcuffs for blocking traffic.   Gwen Carr, mother to Eric Garner, and Ashley Sharpton, the youngest daughter of Al Sharpton, were among a group of demonstrators arrested outside of Trump Tower in New York on Tuesday night, the New York Post reports. According to NBC New York, […]