Suspected murderer of the Grammy Award nominated Nipsey Hussle, Eric Holder, that was reported arrested Los Angeles police yesterday, bond has been set for $7 million dollars, plus he is being placed in solitary confinement. 29 year old Eric Holder is allegedly a rapper as well that goes by the name of Fly Mac. Nipsey […]

When 33 year old Grammy Award nominated rapper Nipsey Hustle was gunned down in front of his story Sunday, he left a wake of fans and celebrities to mourn his life. Many celebrities took to their social media to share memories they had of Nipsey, as well as prayers for his family. But the one […]

The suspected killer of Grammy Award nominated, Nipsey Hustle, has been apprehended by Los Angeles police in the L.A. suburb of Bellflower. 29 year old Eric Holder allegedly was the man on tape that had a verbal altercation with Nipsey Hustle, walked away, then came back shooting Nipsey to death and injuring two others.  Rumors […]

Police are asking for the public’s help in bringing a suspect by the name of, Eric Holder, 29, of Los Angeles, in for the murder of rapper Nipsey Hustle. During a vigil for the late rapper, Nipsey Hustle, last night, pandemonium erupted as police announced the suspects name. It’s being reported that fights broke out […]

As news broke yesterday of the devastating news that Grammy Award nominated rapper Nipsey Hustle was gunned down in front of his store in his hometown in Los Angeles, social media was lit up with prayers for the loss of rapper that some compared to a Tupac Shakur. More than just a rapper the 33 […]

Prayers are in order as it is being reported that Ermias Asghedom better known as the rapper Nipsey Hustle was shot 6 times in front of his Los Angeles clothing store, and has now passed away at the age of 33. According to TMZ the suspect cops are looking for is a black male in […]