The issue of blacks and weight management continues to be a problematic topic. Studies say that four out of five black women are overweight or…

According to the CDC, in 2011, African Americans were 1.5 times as likely to be obese as Non- Hispanic Whites. In particular, African American women…

  These cities were ranked based on population in a list of cities across the entire United States.   COLUMBUS, Ohio – Columbus is used to being included on lists of “great” cities, but in one list, we’re near the bottom. In terms of obesity rates, Ohio’s largest cities (with more than one million people) […]

NEW YORK – The husband of a 407-pound woman who died after being denied flights home from Europe to the U.S. is considering legal action against multiple airlines, according to a Tuesday report. Good Morning America said Vilma Soltesz and her husband, Janos Soltesz, took annual trips to Hungary and flew to Budapest from New […]

CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – It’s an epidemic that’s crippling the country.  According to a new study, the number of adults 100 lbs or more overweight continues to skyrocket. Recent reports show more than 15 million Americans are severely obese.  That’s double what it was just a decade ago.  And women’s waistlines are growing faster than men’s. The […]

Susanne Eman will do whatever it takes to become the world’s largest woman. Even if that means eating over 20,000 calories per day. The 32-year-old Arizona mother of two plans on reaching her 1,600+ pound goal by the time she’s 41 or 42, according to the Sun. Despite her enormous intake, her two sons apparently […]

Whether rooted in the old "big boned" theory or a reluctance to work out for beauty sake, researchers say that black women's perception of obesity differs from that of white women. Tiffany L. Cox, and her team from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, the Neuropsychiatric Research Institute in Fargo, ND, and Obesity and Quality of Life Consulting in Durham, NC analyzed data between 2000 and 2010 and found that most obese women are dissatisfied with their quality of life when compared to women of "normal" weight, but black women report a higher quality of life than white women of the same weight.

Arizona resident Susanne Eman has a goal in life: to be the world’s heaviest woman ever. But, at 720 pounds, the mother of two is only halfway to her desired weight. Eman, 32, said that her bizarre journey began after she naturally could not stop losing weight. After reaching 490 pounds, Eman said she began […]

Harvard University child obesity expert Dr. David Ludwig’s recent claim that some parents should lose custody of their severely obese children has sparked outrage among families and professionals across the country.

Scientists say being fat can be bad for the bedroom, especially if you’re a woman.

It appears too many married couples are living out Wilma Flinstone’s ditty about what makes a happy household.