The President also used the press conference, in which he did not take any questions, to slam Democrats and “Fake News” outlets.   The House of Representatives gave final approval Wednesday afternoon to its major rewrite of the US tax code, voting a second time on the package after the Senate stripped out a couple […]

Boxing legend Muhammad Ali passed away on June 3, 2016 of septic shock, and following a long battle with Parkinson’s Disease.  His legacy in the ring and beyond will definitely last, but comedian and afternoon radio host D.L. Hughley questions those who are now honoring him as opposed to when he was alive, especially in […]

Alfred Jackson says his younger brother was a gifted musician from an early age. Prince’s grieving older half-brother Alfred Jackson spoke out on Thursday about his memories of the music icon following his untimely death last week. Jackson shared his emotions with Entertainment Tonight: “I miss my brother, because my brother was everything in the world to me. God […]

From his debut in 1978 until his death on Thursday, April 21, Prince has made a huge impact in music, pop culture, and basically the entire universe.  His passing shocked everyone who thought he would continue longer pass the age of 57.  Even though he is now gone, his music will live on through tributes […]

CLEVELAND HEIGHTS, OH (WOIO) – With fans still feeling the loss following the sudden death of Prince, a group of Motown bands have decided to pay tribute to the man who many agree made a huge impact on music. Tonight during the Night of Motown Magic Concert the various groups plan to perform “Purple Rain” and speak […]

Fans noticed Natalie Cole was missing from the in memoriam performances.   Just two months into 2016, the music world has been rocked by the deaths of David Bowie,Maurice White, Glenn Frey (Eagles Founder) and Natalie Cole. The Grammys honored the fallen musical talents by featuring Lady Gaga’s stand out David Bowie ode and the musical mashup honoring Earth, […]

She has largely spent her life peacefully and quietly all her life while her son rose to prominence.   GREENVILLE, SC. — The mother of Reverend Jesse Jackson has died, according to his Twitter page. Helen Burns Jackson had been in hospice care for the past few weeks after years of declining health. Rev. Jackson […]

After her passing in 2007, Donda West still is a big figure in Kanye‘s life. There’s “Only One,” a song sung to North West from the perspective of Donda, and his creative brand DONDA. The heartbreak hasn’t left either. Kanye revealed in an interview with U.K.’s  Q Magazine that the heartbreak isn’t simply about losing his mother. He feels […]

From Alexander Hamilton to J. Edgar Hoover to Betty Boop, there are so many historical figures we thought were white, but were actually black! Click…

  CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – Just to be clear – it’s still illegal to speed or run red lights. But now, those pesky cameras we’ve all seen and heard about can’t enforce those laws in Cleveland.  The city will have to rely on good old-fashioned policing. It was an overwhelming majority voting these cameras out […]

  CLEVELAND — Funeral services for Constance D. Harper, Editor-in-Chief and Associate Publisher of Ohio’s largest black newspaper, the Call and Post , are Saturday, November 1, at Olivet Institutional Baptist Church located at 8712 Quincy Avenue in Cleveland. Family Hour will begin at 9:30 a.m. and the “Celebration of Life” service will begin at […]