CUYAHOGA COUNTY, OH (WOIO) – If Cuyahoga County Council has its way, you may want to start to BYOB — Bring Your Own Bag — when you do your grocery shopping. Council is introducing an ordinance Tuesday, that would set a 10-cent fee for every plastic bag used. About half of the cost would go to the […]

Tiffiany Pollard, who’s best known as New York fromVH1’s Flavor of Love, has a confession to make; her breasts are completely “jacked up.” Tonight she’s appearing on the E! reality series,Botched, in an attempt to fix a breast surgery gone wrong. My breasts are jacked up, they’re saggy,” Tiffany said in teaser footage from tonight’s […]

David Matlock proposed to Veronica after persuading her to get a “Wonder Woman” makeover! When plastic surgeon David Matlock first walked into a consultation with Veronica, he thought he’d just be giving her information about his famous vaginoplasty procedure. Little did he know, he’d soon be giving her an engagement ring, as well. Matlock, who […]

CLEVELAND – Gap Inc. has dozens of Gap, Old Navy and Banana Republic locations sprinkled throughout northeast Ohio. Within each and every one of these stores are thousands of plastic hangers, used to display a wide variety of clothing. But Cleveland artist Loren Naji claims these plastic hangers are not recycled or reused — they’re […]