Next month, the former POTUS will be fulfilling his civic duty back in Illinois.   Now that Former President Obama is no longer living in the White House, the law sees him as a regular citizen. Case in point: He’s been scheduled for jury duty! According to NBC News, Obama, who has a home in Chicago, has been […]

The one-term former Illinois Congressman tweeted that the bar was set lower for former President Obama because he was Black; a notion that Rye was not trying to hear.

This is the second time this week #45 has made baseless claims about the former President.   While #45 should be more concerned about campaign leaks and alleged ties to Russia, he’s still out there blaming whatever he can on former President Barack Obama.  Politico reported that on Saturday morning Trump accused Obama of tapping his […]

The former First Couple are also on the brink of signing a series of book deals.

The former First Couple is on vacation chilling with billionaire Richard Branson in the British Virgin Islands—and they are having a blast!

The former president weighed in on the new administration and the power of resistance.

A young girl was overcome with emotion when her parents gave her a package that was delivered to her home from the White House containing a personalized letter from then-President Barack Obama.

As LeBron James spent Thursday night eating dinner with his family, the Cavaliers’ MVP had his mind on politics. The Akron-born basketball star recorded a two-minute video (watch below) thanking President Obama and his family for their eight years in office. “You guys have been a true inspiration not only to myself, not only to […]

For nearly 20 years, Zariff, who wouldn’t reveal his last name and said age “didn’t matter” (he’s right), has been President Barack Obama’s trusted barber. But the Chicago native didn’t start out wanting to become a barber; he dreamed of being a hairstylist. After graduating from cosmetology school, he applied for a position at Hyde […]

Sasha Obama was noticeably absent from her father's farewell address last night in Chicago.


President Barack Obama says the Democratic Party needs to be rebuilt from the ground up.

President Barack Obama will deliver his farewell address next week in Chicago, the White House announced on Monday. Obama will deliver remarks at McCormick Place in his hometown Jan. 10. Admission is free, with tickets being released Jan. 7 on a first-come-first-serve basis. “In 1796, as George Washington set the precedent for a peaceful, democratic […]