WATERTOWN, New York – A former Watertown school bus driver who admitted to raping a 14-year-old girl who was on his bus route was sentenced Thursday. Shane Piche, 25, was sentenced to 10 years probation. He will also have to register as a sex offender. According to the Watertown Daily Times, the judge noted Piche had no […]

  Richard Thomas was not aware his victim even had the disease.   A convicted rapist collapsed after police told him he may have contracted HIV from the woman he assaulted. The BBC reports that Richard Thomas, 27, was sentenced last week to five years and four months for raping a woman while she slept. […]

A Texas father who beat a man to death when he found him raping his 5-year-old daughter (not the actual picture of girl above) will not be charged. A grand jury reviewed the evidence and agreed with police that the 23-year-old dad used authorized deadly force to protect his daughter.  47 year old Jesus Mora […]

Colorado man, Shawn McCormack, recorded his sexual assault on an 11-month old baby in a Bakersfield hotel room. He then allegedly distributed the video as child pornography on the Internet. Eyewitness News has obtained a copy of the federal arrest warrant filed on Friday. The details are horrific and too graphic to reveal. ICE teamed […]

As college students  gear up once again to taste the sweet freedom of the college campus, there’s one thing they’re not likely not focusing on: the probability that one out of four female college students will be raped before receiving a diploma. A recent study  from the Department of Justice estimated that 25 percent of […]