CLEVELAND – The Cuyahoga Land Bank has teamed up with St. Clair Superior Development Corporation (SCSDC) and Loft Home Builders Inc. to breathe new life into vacant homes in Cleveland’s St. Clair Superior neighborhood. The partners have come up with a creative housing rehabilitation program that provides a more modern and appealing residential living alternative. […]

CLEVELAND – The West Side Market Cafe is officially open while crews continue cleaning the areas inside the market which were damaged by fire. Nearly 800 people have liked the status on the market’s Facebook page and it was shared nearly 150 times. Many people are saying they can’t wait to get cheese and are […]

CLEVELAND – The West Side Market opened its doors to the media Tuesday to take a look inside at the aftermath of a fire that happened the morning of Jan. 30. Vendors have been affected by the temporary shutdown that is projected to last through Feb. 13. To help with recovery efforts, this Wednesday will […]

Rebuilding anything is always a laborious task. When you think of what it takes to start something over from scratch, or to reinvent something that already exists, it can cause your stress level to reach dangerous levels. However, there are some things that deserve a makeover, no matter how difficult the task. When two people […]