EAST CLEVELAND, Ohio – News 5 has been investigating the troublesome red light cameras in East Cleveland, which are in direct violation of state law. On the corner of Superior Avenue and Coventry Road, two bright flashes capture unsuspected drivers approaching the intersection, leaving drivers with a not so glamorous $95 fine. RELATED | East […]

EAST CLEVELAND, Ohio – News 5 has learned that East Cleveland is again working with a collection agency to collect on illegal tickets. They are going after drivers busted at a red light camera. In court documents, East Cleveland admits it doesn’t have the resources to station an officer at every traffic camera, as state […]

  CLEVELAND — City Police Chief Calvin  Williams has a new plan  in place to enforce traffic laws in Cleveland, without the use of red light and speed cameras. “There will be no more electronic tickets issued,” Williams said during a council safety meeting Wednesday morning. Last week, Cleveland voters approved a charter change that […]

  CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – Just to be clear – it’s still illegal to speed or run red lights. But now, those pesky cameras we’ve all seen and heard about can’t enforce those laws in Cleveland.  The city will have to rely on good old-fashioned policing. It was an overwhelming majority voting these cameras out […]

  CLEVELAND – The city of Cleveland’s portable camera units used to catch traffic violations are on the move again. The 12 cameras will move to new locations April 9. Here’s a partical list of the new locations:   West 104th Street & Madison Avenue 1500 Block of West 25th Street 7000 Block of Bessermer […]

  CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – New locations are announced for Cleveland’s portable camera unit locations. Last May legislation passed to double the number of fixed and portable camera sites. You’ll now notice there are about 50 fixed cameras and 15 portable sites. The mayor’s office released these locations that will be active until March 3, […]

  CLEVELAND – Despite a state panel ruling that Cleveland’s traffic camera system is unconstitutional, the City of Cleveland announced Wednesday that the cameras will keep flashing and tickets will keep being mailed out. MAP: Portable cameras moved to new locations Feb. 10 After the ruling, the City of Cleveland suspended the appeals process for […]

  CLEVELAND – Motorists fighting red light and speed light camera tickets in court in Cleveland had their hearings put on hold on Friday. Drivers were being sent home after the hearing process was temporarily “stayed” or shut down pending a review by the law department. This comes after a driver who challenged the way […]

  CLEVELAND – Starting today, warnings will be mailed to violators. Beginning February 6, violators will be fined. According to City Of Cleveland project manager Larry Jones, if you’re caught running a red light, you receive at $100 ticket. Jones said, “the cost for speeding, once you go anywhere above 24 miles per hours over […]

  Locations listed below – Three on the east side, two on the west side.   CLEVELAND – Six more cameras have been added to Cleveland’s traffic enforcement system, the city said. The city passed legislation last spring expanding its photo enforcement program from 24 locations to 49, and beginning Feb. 6, drivers who speed […]

CLEVELAND – The city of Cleveland will soon be installing more than three dozen additional red-light cameras at key intersections over the next year. The new red-light camera contract with Xerox State & Local Solutions Inc. was approved by Cleveland City Council, even as state lawmakers consider potential legislation that would ban the controversial traffic […]