Remember the Yanny/Laurel debate that turned brother against brother earlier this year? Remember how we all said, “This is cool but it could use 100 percent more Muppets cursing?” Our prayers have finally been answered with a Sesame Street clip featuring an enthusiastic Grover potentially dropping the F-bomb. Depending on where your head is at, the video shows Grover saying either […]

Today marks the 50th anniversary of the Voting Rights Act and although our country has come a long way, there are still issues

An unidentified mother is causing a backlash online for an apparent email she sent out prior to her son’s first birthday party. A copy of the email was shared on Reddit on Thursday and was sent to a group of people expected to attend her son’s birthday party. The email includes specific request about acceptable […]

Large Professor took to his computer and answered questions from the public on Reddit for their “Ask Me Anything” segment. He touched on everything from…