This week Cleveland legend Don King announced a big fight that he is bringing to the city.  Sam Sylk had a chance to sit down with him to talk about that, his return to Cleveland, Mike Tyson, and much much more!  Click the “Play” button below to hear the entire interview:     Make […]

  Martin Bashir, left his MSNBC show after railing against Sarah Palin for her ignorant comment that compared the national debt to slavery. Check out what he said about Palin in the video below!   The right wing came flying to Palin’s defense and Bashir issued an apology but ultimately it wasn’t enough so he […]

In 1781, Elizabeth “Mum Bett” Freeman became the first African American woman to win her freedom from slavery through a court of law. The case…

  *She’s back… Former Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin popped up at an event in Iowa and compared the federal debt to slavery. “Our free stuff today is being paid for by taking money from our children and borrowing from China,” she said at the Iowa Faith & Freedom Coalition’s fall fundraiser at the State […]

  *The network that brought you “The Bible” will now attempt to recreate one of the most celebrated television programs of all time. History Channel has announced it will remake the blockbuster 1977 miniseries “Roots,” reports The cable network plans a new eight-hour version after acquiring rights to the 12-hour original from Mark Wolper, […]

  *Alfre Woodard’s character in “12 Years a Slave” is brief (one scene), but unforgettable. The veteran actress plays Mistress Harriet Shaw, a formerly enslaved woman who rises through the Southern caste system to become the wife of a wealthy plantation owner. “She is a woman who, like all women during this period, whether they […]

  For the millionth time, racist old people in positions of power: If you don’t want your bigotry to be made in to big headlines all over Al Gore’s Internet, go back to journaling. Not that many in the Grand Old Party maintain such modesty, but in the case of Nevada Assemblyman Jim Wheeler (pictured), it’s a […]

Amidst continued criticism over the lack of Black representation in their casting–particularly African-American women–Saturday Night Live continues to chug along with their brand of race-based…

  *Actors who play villains on screen often talk about finding the character’s motivation, or a personal justification for the character’s malevolent actions in order to add dimension to the role. Sarah Paulson wanted to take that approach with her character Mary Epps in Steve McQueen’s “12 Years a Slave.” She plays the insanely ratchet wife of […]

In 1841, 33-year-old Solomon Northup was a free black man living comfortably in Saratoga, NY with his wife, Anne, and three children – Margaret, Elizabeth…

Last week, Dr. Ben Carson said Obamacare is the “worst thing” since “slavery”. Well, Tom and the crew think slaves would disagree!  

  *Dr. Benjamin Carson has drank the conservative Kool-Aid and he obviously loves it. The acclaimed neurosurgeon  and recent Fox News hire on Friday compared Obamacare to of all things, slavery at the Voter Values Summit on Friday. Carson, who’s shown he has no respect for the president when he dissed the Affordable Care (Obamacare) […]