AVON, OH (WOIO) – IKEA isn’t shutting any doors on northeast Ohio. It’s still looking for other options in the area, and one of them could be Avon. There’s something about IKEA that sets it apart from other furniture stores, and potential customers are excited to check it out. “It looks like nice pieces. Relatively inexpensive, not […]

Let’s face it, the city of Chicago is going through some tough times when it comes to gun violence. Many residents believe Mayor Rahm Emanuel could be doing a lot more fore the city than he actrually is. This is proven by the fact his approval rating has dropped to a dismal 29. When it […]

NEW YORK — Former President Bill Clinton weighed in on capital punishment on Thursday, saying courts need to slow down appeals processes to consider DNA evidence that could potentially prove a defendant is innocent. Clinton’s comments came less than 24 hours after the state of Georgia executed Troy Davis, a man convicted of shooting an […]