STRONGSVILLE, OH (WOIO) – The Strongsville Police Department is searching for the four suspects involved in a Sunglass Hut theft that occurred on March 20. Police said two men and two woman worked together to steal $1,140 worth of merchandise. The Bedford Police Department posted information on their Facebook on behalf of the Strongsville Police Department.   READ MORE: […]

These Cazal Eyewear and Cynthia Rowley statement sunnies will have you looking oh-so stylish throughout Spring and Summer!

Sunglasses have become synonymous with summer. They’re the one accessory we pull out when the weather gets warm. Whether you’re headed to the beach, going…

We’ve heard it all before, men are from red planet pixie dust of Mars and women are from the fiery sulfuric mists of Venus. We couldn’t be more different even if we wore the same skeletons. We think different, feel different emotionally, speak differently and execute tasks differently. We’re worlds apart. So, why would we […]

Sunglasses have been part of Mary J. Blige‘s signature style, now she’s making her style yours

“Stomp the Yard” star Columbus Short took a long walk off a short stage this weekend — and crashed down to the ground in front of a packed house. This is what happens when you wear sunglasses indoors!!