Sweet Brown

“We ain’t gonna be in no fire. Nope not today!,” yelled Michelle Dobyne. And just like that, Sweet Brown 2.0 was born. Michelle Dobyne was cooking breakfast for herself and her baby when a fire began brewing in their Oklahoma apartment complex. Dobyne gave a brutally honest and inadvertently hilarious account of what happened in the moments leading up […]

– Meet Michelle Clark, the latest viral internet sensation.  Check out her commentary of a hail storm: Does this top the queen? Recent Updates KAPOOOYAH! The New Sweet Brown? Check Out This Latest Viral Hit! [Video] Tom Joyner News: Halle Berry Lands Her Own Shoe Line! Tom Joyner News: Kenya Moore labels ‘RHOA’ husbands ‘catty’! Tom Joyner News: […]

The internet sensation that gave us the now famous line “ain’t nobody got time for that!” has been booked to star in a new commercial.  Sweet Brown, as she is affetionately know as, appeared in her first TV commercial not long after coming into public view, Brown’s newest ad,  for a dental clinic, is the first in […]