If you have been a fan of ‘Basketball Wives’ then you know who Tami Roman is and you are familiar with the age dynamic between she and her husband Reggie Youngblood. If not here’s the run down Tami Roman is the 51 year old the ex-wife of NBA player Kenny Anderson with whom she has 2 adult-esc […]

As it turns out, we, the public, weren’t the only people who found out about Tami Roman marrying Reggie Youngblood late. In a new sneak peek of the first episode of Basketball Wives Season 8, which premieres on Wednesday night, Tami reveals why she finally said yes to Reggie’s proposal after being so against saying “I do” with him […]

During Season 7 of Basketball Wives, which aired last year, Tami Roman had disagreements with a few women on the show that at times, evolved into ugly arguments (involving the spilling of very personal and painful information) and near physical confrontations. By the end of that season, the 48-year-old star was tired of the drama, and told fans that […]

Tami Roman Singing Under Alias “Tatianna Trill”   Tami Roman recently revealed some surprising news exclusively to Bossip. In between talking about her longtime love Reggie, the birth of Bonnet Chronicles and misconceptions about her, the reality TV vet told the cast that she’s embarking on a singing career. According to Tami she won’t be on the […]

It appears that Jennifer Williams wasn’t the only “Basketball Wives” cast member to reportedly forgo the reunion show. According to theJasmineBRAND, Tami Roman was initially at the filming and even apologized to castmate Evelyn Lozada and her ex Chad ‘Ochocinco’ Johnson for saying during the show that Evelyn embellished their domestic violence incident. But then, Tami left the taping as cameras were rolling, […]

Tami says thanks, but no thanks to VH1 deal.   Tami Roman may be leaving Basketball Wives: LA behind for The Bonnet Chronicles! There’s word that Tami might be thinking of moving on from the franchise that brought her back to reality TV. According to The Blast, Tami has decided she won’t be returning to BBWLA for season 7. Supposedly, she’s turned […]

“How could she miss the shackles, chile? Cause that’s how I feel with Donald Trump in office,” Roman said.   As we all collectively slapped our foreheads when Mary Mary singer Tina Campbell revealed that her Christian values prompted her to vote for Donald Trump, reality star Tami Roman decided to grab her trusted bonnet for a good […]

Tami Roman’s boyfriend Reggie Youngblood has some choice words for all the men/ Internet trolls who disrespect Tami. “To you dudes that feel like you got some disrespectful sh*t to say ’bout my lady, man; Hit me up, I’m in Houston,” he says in a short Instagram clip posted online. “If you from Houston we can […]

Trust us, we appreciate “Basketball Wives” star Tami Roman‘s honesty, but this time, maybe she should’ve held back a taste. It’s like she’s having a confessional and just has to share her threesome adventure. And according to her, they’re not all they’re cracked up to be, and can even be quite dangerous! We’re now learning […]

Evelyn Lozada is back in Los Angeles and ready to settle the score! This season of VH1’s ‘Basketball Wives’ picks up where a few things in Miami left off. In the three-minute extended trailer, we see that Tami Roman and Evelyn have some … catching up…to do. (More via B. Scott) Check out the blow […]

This was definitely not what Teena Marie was talking about in “Portuguese Love”. The lowdown on the showdown on Basketball Wives LA, is Tami Roman and Duffey threw blows in Portugal during lunch. The scene was so ugly that is took a full crew to break it up. Tami Roman who had a look in […]

“Basketball Wives: LA” may be getting two not-so-new cast members whenever it returns to VH1. It’s been a while since “Basketball Wives: LA” aired. So long, in fact, that many wondered if it had quietly been canceled like the Miami edition of “Basketball Wives.” Well, not only is “BBWLA” still a thing that’s in production, […]