If the sandwich does well during the testing period, it could roll out nationwide.   SAN FRANCISCO (KRON) – The Cheetos and KFC deities have finally joined forces to create the Cheetos Sandwich. The special sandwich is currently being tested in several states including Virginia, the Carolinas, and Georgia. Here’s a little breakdown of the Cheetos […]

When it comes to good sex, longevity from their partners may be the number one thing women have on their gift list for an ideal partner. Of course, the goal is for the man to out last his woman, but is his condom up for the task? A new condom out can reportedly last one-thousand […]

BEREA, OH (WOIO) – Monday night’s Berea City Council meeting began with Mayor Cyril Kleem addressing the city’s water issue first uncovered by Cleveland 19 News. “The insinuation from the news report is that Berea is another Flint, or potentially another Flint. That’s not the case,” he said. “We recognize we have residents who get […]

In an exciting development for millennial fried chicken enthusiasts, the baby-boomer executives in KFC’s marketing department have finally figured out a way to combine bacchanalian fast food consumption with a portable USB charger. That’s right, the new 5-in-1 meal box — otherwise known as the “Watt a Box” — actually features an internal power source that customers can use […]

When it comes to the late artist Prince’s musical catalog and assets there seems to be a divide among the world as to how it should be handled. That divide trickles down to those related to Prince Rogers Nelson, who left no will and had no direct heirs. I mean, the guy had an entire […]

BEACHWOOD, Ohio — All water fountains in two Beachwood schools have been shut off after recent tests indicated higher than normal lead levels. Bottled water is being supplied to all students and staff. The district conducted water tests voluntarily back in March after recent issues with lead at other schools in Northeast Ohio.  According to […]

Officials were made aware of the lead levels in November 2015, but issued a notice to residents last Thursday.   As the Flint, Michigan water crisis finally reaches media prominence, the small town of Sebring, Ohio is facing a similar plight after high levels of lead were found in the drinking water. The town was notified of […]

Howdy, fast food consumer! In case you missed it, McDonald’s wants you back. They really, really, really, really, really, really want you back. Their latest strategy to get you back in the loving embrace of their unkillable spokesclown? Stuff you full of McD’s mac and cheese. Yup, that’s a thing now. Brand Eating reports that […]

No official word if the fries will be tested in other states or possibly added to the menu permanently.    AMARILLO, Texas — McDonald’s is frying up something new. The fast-food chain is testing sweet potato fries in select restaurants in Amarillo, Texas. A spokesperson for McDonald’s said the fries will be available at “Create Your […]

(RNN) – Some men need to clean up their act when it comes to their beard. A TV station in New Mexico swabbed the beards of a small audience of local men. A microbiologist tested the swabs and found bacteria like enterecs, which live in the intestines and can be found in feces. “There would […]

  COLUMBUS, OH (WOIO) – An Ohio resident was quarantined and tested for Ebola, but Columbus Health Officials now confirm the test came back negative. Officials say the person was in West Africa recently and may have been exposed to the deadly virus.   READ MORE: 19ActionNews.com Article and Picture Courtesy of WOIO 19 Action […]

  CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) – Three Cleveland-area Catholic high schools announced Tuesday plans to launch a wellness initiative that will focus on keeping students well and drug-free through a combination of education, assessment and support. As Catholic schools focused on the education and welfare of the whole person, Gilmour Academy in Gates Mills, St. Edward […]