Could ‘The Carmichael Show’ be making a comeback on another network?   The Carmichael Show has come to an end, but showrunner Danielle Sanchez-Witzel had high hopes for what it could have done in season 4. Fans were disappointed to hear that NBC had decided not to give the show another season just as season 3 was coming […]

Despite finally airing the delayed mass shooting episode this week, NBC’s acclaimed The Carmichael Show remained in a state of limbo. Created by stand-up comedian Jerrod Carmichael, the traditional sitcom previously faced an eleventh hour decision on its third season renewal last year, but this time NBC waited right up until the last minute to pull the plug. All of sudden, […]

In a guest column for The Hollywood Reporter, Jerrod Carmichael talks about the uphill battle of convincing NBC to allow his ample use of the N-word on “The Carmichael Show.” On the upcoming June 21st episode, the racial slur is front and center, just weeks after Bill Maher made headlines by saying the word on his HBO […]

The same day two mass shootings — one just outside of Washington D.C. at the GOP Congressional baseball team’s practice session, the other at a UPS facility in San Francisco — occurred, NBC made a slight adjustment to its evening schedule. That’s because “Shoot-Up-Able,” the fourth episode in the critically acclaimed The Carmichael Show‘s third […]

Summer is always a good time to try out a show, because if it airs and does well during TV’s slowest season, chances are it will thrive anytime. And because of this, NBC’s The Carmichael Show, starring Jerrod Carmichael and David Alan Grier, has been renewed, according to Vulture. The half-hour sitcom brought issues and topics that […]

Jerrod Carmichael is an up and coming comedian who’s arrived with his own NBC sitcom The Carmichael Show premiering tomorrow, August 26th. “I come from a really…