In a segment on the Today show on Wednesday, hosts Al Roker and Dylan Dreyer demonstrated how to make their family’s favorite Thanksgiving dishes before a panel of expert judges. While Dreyer and her husband Brian went with a relatively safe crab dip, Al Roker and his brother Chris introduced both the panel and viewing audience at home to […]

As the old saying goes, he who laughs last, laughs last. That would be the case of NBC’s Al Roker who will be back in the anchor chair in the 9am hour of the “Today” show. This, after he was replaced by Megyn Kelly. Unfortunately Roker won’t have his former comrade, Tamron Hall, re-join him as she […]

Oh Halloween. A fun holiday where you’re usually allowed to creatively express yourself without any restrictions. Except of course if you want to dress up as a Black entertainer, or historical figure. On Tuesday, NBC News host Megyn Kelly held a roundtable discussion where she literally seemed shocked that a university put a mandate on […]

Ann Curry stopped by CBS This Morning on Wednesday to open up about the firing of her former Today co-anchor, Matt Lauer, in light of sexual misconduct allegations. Curry previously said in a statement that she admired the women for having the courage to speak up and that “this kind of behavior exists across industries, and it is so long overdue for […]

Michael Wolff, the author of the much ballyhooed new book, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, appeared on the Today show Friday morning to talk not just about his book, but about the way his credibility is being called into question upon its release — specifically, by the president’s lawyers, who attempted to block the book with […]

Addie Collins Zinone said she had a secret month-long consensual affair with Matt Lauer 17 years ago.   Matt Lauer is gone from Today under a cloud of sexual misconduct allegations but he’s still being attacked for philandering: On Thursday, an ex-intern detailed their secret month-long consensual affair 17 years ago as “the most powerful man at […]

On Wednesday morning, Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb emotionally announced the news that their friend and colleague Matt Lauer had been terminated for inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace. Even in the current reckoning of sexual abusers and harassers from all walks of entertainment and media that’s currently taking place — the most recent, the firing of Charlie […]

NEW YORK CITY — It was an emotional morning for the Today show team. Hoda Kotb called the show shortly after 8 a.m. Tuesday to reveal she had adopted a baby girl. Applause and tears erupted in the studio when her co-workers learned about the baby, Haley Joy. READ MORE: Article Courtesy of WKYC […]

In a video shot heard around the world, Al Roker was not trying to hear any defense of Ryan Lochte, the Olympic swimmer who apparently made up a fantastical story of being robbed at gunpoint in Brazil starting a series of events now dubbed #Lochtegate. Roker, who was sitting on a beach in Ipanema covering […]

Detailing what many Black people know as one of the oldest racial profiling experiences, famed weatherman Al Roker took to Twitter Saturday night to announce that he filed a complaint after a NYC Yellow cab allegedly passed him to pick up a White man. “Wonder why Uber wins,” Roker wrote, mentioning the ride-share company that […]

Another day, another Matt Lauer story. This has been a tough week for the “Today” co-host, whose shaky footing at the morning show was the subject of a lengthy piece in New York magazine. Deadline Hollywood reported on Wednesday that the network approached CNN host Anderson Cooper to replace Lauer on “Today” before his contract […]

NBC News is allegedly planning to pay “Today” co-host Ann Curry $10 million to exit the morning show she’s been on for fifteen years, the New York Post reported on Monday. Citing entertainment gossip website TMZ, the Post reported that the network is nearing a settlement with Curry, who was one year into her reported […]