The tentative agreement must be approved by the city council.   Officials in Ferguson, Missouri and the Department of Justice announced a tentative deal on Wednesday to overhaul the city’s embattled police force in an effort to avoid a costly court battle, reports USA Today. The deal stems from systemic failures brought to light by the death […]

Just one day after the resignations of both the president and school chancellor following protests against racial injustices on campus, verbal and social media threats have been made towards University of Missouri students. According to NBC News, the threats began Tuesday evening when student body president Payton Head claimed members of the Ku Klux Klan were […]

UPDATED: Monday, November 9, 2015 11:25 AM EST Tim Wolfe, the president of the University of Missouri, announced his resignation Monday morning. “My decision to resign comes out of love…not hate,” Wolfe said during the announcement This is a developing story. —————— University of Missouri President Tim Wolfe on Sunday acknowledged problems with racism on […] At first glance, the photograph of the little girl with a pink hoodie and ponytails certainly elicits an audible “aww.” But when the heavy reality sets in, it hits you. A 2-year-old is engaging with a National Guardsman sent to Baltimore to quell the unrest the city witnessed in the wake of Freddie Gray’s […]

Six Missouri residents have filed a lawsuit against the City of Ferguson, St. Louis, and numerous police officers, stemming from the violent protests over Michael Brown’s murder. RELATED: [WATCH] Don Lemon Comments On The Firing Of Cop Who Pushed Him The residents are accusing Ferguson police of using excessive force in quelling the outbursts. As widely […]

As emotions begin to rise from the throngs of supporters gathering Monday outside the Friendly Temple Missionary Baptist Church for the funeral of slain youth Michael Brown (pictured), who was senselessly murdered at the hands of Ferguson, Mo. policeman Darren Wilson, the heat index is also soaring.  A number of EMS crews will reportedly be stationed nearby […]

  The father of Brown has also called for a day of peace as his son was laid to rest following his murder by a Ferguson, MO police officer.   ST. LOUIS (RNN) – Thousands of mourners in St. Louis came to the Friendly Temple Missionary Baptist Church for the funeral of Michael Brown, the […]

  Businesses are also starting to reopen as fewer incidents are being reported and taking place.   FERGUSON, MO (KSDK/CNN) – It’s been two weeks since the death of American teen Michael Brown, shot by a police officer. Crowds in Ferguson, MO have been smaller than seen. Capt. Ron Johnson said they had to respond […]

New York City residents converged on the Lower East Side Wednesday night for the #HandsUp, #TurnUp march to honor Michael Brown and decry police brutality. RELATED: Attorney General Arrives In Ferguson A contingency of protestors coming from an earlier Palestine rally stormed in to Sara D. Roosevelt Park around 9 p.m., chanting, “Please don’t shoot me […]

The vocal and controversial filmmaker Spike Lee (pictured) recently told CNN’s Anderson Cooper (pictured) that the violence against Black America — along with high-profile examples such as the Michael Brown execution at the hands of Ferguson, Mo., police officer Darren Wilson — is destroying this country. RELATED: Kansas City Cop Under Review For Posting Fake Picture Of Mike Brown Lee, […]

Nelly stopped by the Hot104.1 studios to share his opinion on the recent looting and riots in Ferguson that were sparked by the shooting death of Michael Brown. We have to do something different. It hasn’t changed that black boys have been dying since we came to this country. He won’t be the last cop to shoot […]

It’s time President Obama step in to protect protesters in Ferguson, Missouri. As long as Black Americans have had United States citizenship, we have needed the federal government to enforce and protect our rights on the local level. Such was the case in the years after Abraham Lincoln issued the Emancipation Proclamation, when Union troops went […]