In Michigan, Michael John Frederick Jr.confessed to “shooting at Eddie Hall’s truck, committing a separate shooting at the home, vandalizing the man’s pickup truck, slashing the tires, and smashing the home window with a rock in attacks across Sept. 7, 9, and 10 in 2020.  He painted all kinds of hate messages and swastika on […]

Just a block from where Derek Chauvin murdered George Floyd in Minneapolis stands a memorial.  Just as cowardice as was Derek Chauvin’s act of murder, a man decided he wanted to murder the symbolism of Georges Floyd’s memory with an axe before he did what cowards do, ran.   A man was caught on video arriving to George […]

Sometimes we need to tell these kids to STOP doing it for the Gram. Smh. Case in point is the following article that comes from our hip hop family over at Hip Hop DX – that showcases a teenage girl – for, whatever reason – defacing a memorial sight set up in Hartford to honor […]

CLEVELAND – It’s one of Cleveland’s famous backdrop for selfies and group photos—the mural of Prince eating a donut. Drive around Ohio City and one can’t help but noticed the large purple mural with the iconic Prince eating a donut on the overpass bridge near West 25th Street and Washington Avenue. Now, the public is seeing […]

Multiple swastikas were found painted on a driveway and in the street on Belle Avenue in Lakewood Wednesday morning. Images of the home were first seen on social media. Lakewood police were notified and were called to the scene to clean up and conduct an investigation. The woman who lives in the home has been […]

CLEVELAND – Cleveland Police are asking for the public’s help in identifying a man who vandalized the Preterm women’s clinic on Shaker Boulevard last Sunday. Surveillance footage shows the man breaking windows at the clinic by throwing rocks. Police say they believe the same man has previously damaged windows at Preterm. According to a police […]

SHEFFIELD LAKE, Ohio– A man is facing charges after he confessed to painting his marriage proposal on the side of a Sheffield Lake building. An officer was called to the Shoreway Shopping Center on Lake Road on March 19 for a report of vandalism. One one wall, in red spray paint, were the words, “Michelle […]

BRUNSWICK, Ohio – Vandalism hitting one Brunswick neighborhood has homeowners fired up. The burning question: who’s behind a string of hot sauce attacks? A Brunswick Police incident report showed at least 11 homeowners were targeted recently on Waite Farm Lane and Blackburn Lane. The vandal, or vandals, sprayed hot sauce all over garage doors, street […]

Despite the International Olympic Committee’s relief that all four of the swimmers are still alive, the conflicting reports from each have given police officers doubt in believing the robbery as video footage at a gas station shows otherwise. Rio de Janeiro (CNN)[Breaking news update, posted at 3:10 p.m. ET] Civil Police chief Fernando Veloso says […]

PLAIN TOWNSHIP, Ohio – The Stark County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a claim that someone vandalized a transgender teen’s car, by plastering it with crude language. In a separate incident in May, someone also took a baseball bat to Donovanne Jocas’ 2003 Hyundai. The teen said school bullying has now escalated after she came out […]

Austin Reed Edenfield pleaded guilty to a federal civil rights charge on Thursday after acknowledging he helped Graeme Phillip Harris and another student place a noose on the neck of the statue in February 2014.

The "Black Lives Matter" signs were thrown in the trash and covered with stickers that read "All," creating the much-criticized "All Lives Matter" refrain.