Waffle House

BOWLING GREEN, OH (WOIO) – Two Ohio men have been arrested and charged for allegedly hurling racial slurs at two teens and attacking them at a Waffle House. Police in Bowling Green responded to a Waffle House on East Wooster Street in the early morning hours of Sunday, March 31. The victims and witnesses of […]

The couple were told to pay for food they never received. On May 2, at a Waffle House in Fort Walton Beach, Florida, a couple, identified in a police report as Donald Copeland and Ms. Hart, placed a to-go order around 1 a.m. Before receiving their food, a glass of orange juice arrived, which started the […]

Why the discrepancy?   The violent, borderline sexual arrest of a young black woman in a Waffle House restaurant came on the heels of a similarly unjustified pair of arrests at a Starbucks. Yet unlike in Philadelphia, there have been muted calls, if any at all, for a boycott of the breakfast food chain. In fact, […]

What began as an altercation over plastic utensils at an Alabama Waffle House quickly devolved into another disgusting display of police brutality and institutionalized racism. The arrest of Chikesia Clemons, 25, has spawned outrage on the internet as a video of the ordeal has gone viral. The incident comes on the heels of a similar situation, where two […]

James Shaw Jr. remains in the spotlight after explaining how he wrestled away an AR-15 from the attacker, which undoubtedly prevented the carnage from moving beyond the four who were killed and three (including Shaw) who were injured. Shaw continues to insist that he’s “not a hero,” which he told Nashville’s Fox affiliate while saying that he was motivated […]

Early Monday afternoon, the Metro Nashville Police Department announced on Twitter that Waffle House shooting suspect Travis Reinking was “in custody” after being “arrested moments ago.” The 29-year-old suspect had been on the run since early Sunday morning, when he allegedly stormed into a Waffle House restaurant in the Antioch neighborhood and opened fire with an AR-15 rifle. […]

Waffle House Waitress Denied $1,000 Tip Shaina Brown works the late shift at Waffle House, serving cups of second-wind coffee to wobbly diners with butane…

Every day, millions get their fill of ratchetness by going online to WorldStarHipHop.com. The video site, filled with fights captured on iPhones, children behaving like…