The rollout for a meat alternative is part of a market that will see increased revenue in the near future, along with concerns of treatments regarding animals and how they turn into food.    Burger King’s test of a vegetarian version of its signature Whopper was such a success, the chain is planning to roll […]

Secret Santa is a great idea in theory. It just never works out for you. It always goes the same way. You spend a long time actually thinking about the present and purchase something someone would actually want. The day of the gift exchange, you’re feeling excited, assuming whoever drew your name spent as much […]

Amid the battle for the whackiest menu item across the fast food industry, Burger King is tossing its hat into the Tex Mex ring. The franchise announced the national release of the “Whopperito,” which has already made regional test debuts in Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas, CNBC reports. Now, the Whopperito — a Whopper created in the […]

Burger King seems to have hit their stride in a huge way. It’s still just fast food, sure, but they’re keeping things exciting. BK is embracing technology and shifting their menu around to keep the fan base on edge. After a few minor missteps in the R&D department they’re now selling TONS of hot dogs and modifying their flagship Whopper in ways that […]

It takes so much effort to hold a hamburger up to your mouth, right? We’re joking around, but Burger King isn’t: To celebrate its 50th anniversary in Puerto Rico, the burger chain gave away 50 of these nifty Hands Free Whopper Holders. The item — which is very real but looks like it shouldn’t be […]