Listen as Kym Sellers as well as Recording Aritists Monica, Brandy, Regina Belle, Pastor Marvin Winans and WZAK listeners share their loving memories of the greatest vocalists of all times Ms. Whitney Elizabeth Houston.

Was Imperial Ave An Act Of Domestic Violenence?…Kym Sellers Woman2Woman The bodies were recovered between Thursday, October 29th and Tuesday Nov. 3rd. Five bodies were found buried in the Imperial Avenue home’s backyard and four bodies along with one skull were found inside of the home. The identified victims: Tonia Carmichael: 52-years-old Telacia Fortson: 31-years-old Tishana Culver: […]

Are You In A Toxic Relationship? Not Sure?  Listen To W2W With Kym Sellers, See What The Experts Say!! Toxic Men By Dr. Lillian Glass, PhD. | Visit Author’s Website Know Thine Toxic Man. Toxic men come in all shapes, sizes, and dysfunctions. The trick is to know one when you see one–and how to […]

Woman2Woman Kym Sellers Meets Up With The Luv Coach Rebecca Brody Rebecca Brody is a certified Life Empowerment coach with an area of expertise in love and relationships. She graduated from the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC), and is an ICF certified coach.  Coach Brody has a BA from Vassar College in Sociology, […]

Woman2Woman with host Kym Sellers airs every Sunday morning at 6:30a. This rewind of W2W features the what we would call a DYNAMIC woman, but this woman would refer to herself as PURPOSEFUL.  Her purpose is to lead, uplift and make change in our community.   Learn how it is possible to come from humble beginings […]