Talking to teens about sex is usually difficult for most parents. Discussing sex with your tweens and teens can help them make better choices. Unplanned teen pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are preventable and less likely to occur if you have a discussion about them. Here are some things to know before you approach this touchy topic from


The next time you tell yourself that your teen is too young to be having sex, consider these scary facts. Each year, 2.6 million teens become sexually active, and approximately one in 13 adolescent girls in the United States become pregnant annually.

The CDC reports that at least 25 percent of teenage girls nationwide have an STD, and rates of those engaging in oral and anal sex are also on the rise. Even if your kids are not having sex yet, they may be venturing into some dangerous waters when it comes to dating. Make sure they are well-informed on the dangers of dating and sex to help prevent them from becoming a statistic.


Your kid has probably picked up the basics about sex at school. You will better communicate with your son or daughter if you skip the generic stuff and focus instead on the more pressing issues, like protection against STDs and pregnancy.

You will also want to open up a discussion about peer pressure and how sex should be a personal choice – not something to do just because everyone else is doing it. While you chat, keep the tone casual without lecturing, and offer to always be there to discuss any troubles, no matter how sensitive the subject.


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