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The New York Daily News is reporting about another incident of work place violence that happened after someone was fired.

A disgruntled employee canned from a Domino’s Pizza shop in the Bronx helped himself to a slice of payback, torching two of the chain’s storefronts, authorities said Monday.

“Revenge was the motive,” a Fire Department source said. “Clearly, he’s not a guy who cares a lot about life.”

Domino’s estimated the damages and lost business at the two locations totaled more than $1 million.

Jamal Thomas, 24, of the Bronx, was hit with a raft of charges.

He was training to become assistant manager after two years of working for Domino’s when he was fired this summer , fire officials said.

Thomas held on to his key and uniform, and used both to exact his revenge.

He visited several stores in uniform, claiming to be part of a secret Domino’s team measuring employee satisfaction. He was really scoping out targets to torch, investigators believe.

The branch he worked at, on Boston Road, burned on Aug. 22 around 6:30 a.m. It took 60 firefighters to put the fire out.

A second Domino’s, on White Plains Road, caught fire around 4:42 a.m. on Sept. 5. The apartment above the store was occupied. Nobody was injured in either fire.

Both blazes were started with pizza boxes inside the stores, fire officials said. No accelerant was used.

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